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Obituary for Ralph Ernest Brown "The Legend"

We said goodbye to Ralph Ernest Brown or "The Legend" February second after a couple weeks in hospice care. His family was grateful to be with him at home as he let go of the physical and mental binds of this earth. He was an adventurous, wandering man, creative, patient, soft-spoken and kind father, partner, brother. Ralph was happiest with family and enjoyed seeing friends throughout the years. He worked hard and found connection in nature, joy in winemaking, patience in art, and peace with reading. He was a Navy veteran and made a resilient life for his family literally by his own hands and commercial design skills. Ralph lived in the mountains of Colorado, on a lake in Minnesota and spent his remaining years in Vermont. By his few words and many actions he lived a meaningful life worth celebrating. We pray his soul reunites with his long lost siblings, Sonny Jim and Harriet, and his parents, Harry and Jenny, whom he lost many years ago. Now, as he wanders in a new place, we know he continues to do so without being lost.

Ralph’s caring spirit lives on in his beautiful wife Jeri of 51 and a half years, three compassionate sons, eight adventurous grandchildren, his remaining sister Dorothy and her families, Elaine's three kick-ass daughters (and their families) who loved him as a father, and the kind McCord families. We mourn his passing only because his presence was precious and his heart was so grand.

“They whom we love and lose are no longer where they were before. They are now wherever we are.” St. John Chrysostom.